Meet the Gamesmiths

Allan Dotson is an artist, educator, and self-publisher in Regina, SK. Allan has self-published a fantasy graphic novel, an ongoing web comic, and several storytelling games.  Allan teaches drama, storytelling, puppetry, comics creation, and game design at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Center, and in Regina schools through the CREATE program.  He has also created child-friendly spaces and interactive fantasy game experiences for many local galleries, libraries, festivals, summer camps, and as part of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building’s 100th Anniversary Artist-in-Residence program.

Devin Fifield is an upstart in the gaming community, although he has been developing games for quite some time.  His first game – Naval Battles: Customizable Card Game – was in development for twelve years before its initial release in 2016.  He is working on three expansions for this game that will be released over the next few years.  Devin is also working on development of a Naval Battles role playing game, as well as a “Command and Conquer”-style card game that lets players build structures and requisition troops, vehicles and additional weapons.

Rob Gosselin is a high school science teacher in Churchbridge, Saskatchewan. He has been designing games since elementary school, but his career in game creation really sparked in university and continued thereafter in earnest. He is a lifelong lover of good food, hiking, music, and biology, and you might find him slacklining in a forest near you. Rob’s first two games were Friend or Foe (2015) and Monkey (2016), and he is the owner of Birdlight Games.

Kai Hutchence is CEO of Massive Corporation Game Studios in Regina Saskatchewan. A video game professional for ten years, he’s started a company in Regina to help grow the game development scene in his hometown. With the new company, he plans to release video games, board games, card games and tabletop roleplaying games and supplements. With over 4 million downloads of his digital products, he hopes to help bring the professional business side to Saskatchewan’s hobby design scene.

Nathan Ottenson was born and raised in Regina. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Regina. He designed his first game while he was in high school, but it was never published. In his late twenties, he taught himself to program and started designing tiny video games as a hobbyist. When he’s not playing or designing games, he is likely playing drums or guitar or obsessively following politics. He is currently working towards self-publishing his newest board game, Galactic Payload.

Derek Turner is a high school English and Social Studies teacher in Regina, SK. His first game, Pot O’ Gold, is currently undergoing  final preparation for production, and he is playtesting his next game, First Past the Post, which is all about the wonderful world of the Canadian electoral system. His writings and musing about other subjects, including life, pop culture, music, video games, faith, sports, and current events, can be found at his blog, Life of Turner.

Dyson Yobb originally hails from Langenburg, SK. Although he came into gaming well into his adulthood, he has made up for it in spades by gaming as much as his zealous life will allow. He has several interests and design projects on the go as an independent graphic designer, writer and artist. He has self-published several comics and a card game called Nation: A Mighty Spark, which he and Jason Szarkowicz successfully crowdfunded in 2014. You can learn more about him at